Calgary Real Estate Photography

Nicholas James

I aim to make photographs that present more than just how rooms appear. My work attempts to highlight the builder’s intentions and to properly communicate how it feels to be within the living space.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

- Ansel Adams


I’m a Calgary real estate photographer specializing in creating remarkable property photos for single family homes, condos, lofts and estates. I offer real estate agents, architects, builders and designers professional quality print and web images that are crucial in today’s competitive marketplace.

Why use my services?

Because best-in-class real estate photography provides a distinct advantage in marketing initiatives and listing presentations.

I photograph every home as if it was my own.

My 24-hour turnaround time from photo shoot to delivery minimizes the time between contract signing and the property listing going live.

My no-nonsense pricing makes professional real estate, architectural and commercial photography affordable.

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